Pater Noster Chaplet (Jesus Rosary)

in remembrance of the 33 years of His Life on earth

  1. Begins with THE CREED
  2. The first six mysteries consist of:
    1. contemplation and meditation on the mysteries of the life of Jesus.
    2. a specific intention for each mystery
    3. spontaneous prayer and/or suitable hymn
    4. 5 “OUR FATHER’S”
    5. exclaim “Jesus, be our protection and strength.”
  3. The seventh mystery includes only THREE “OUR FATHER’S” (You can include the doxology in these three: “For thine is the…”)
  4. The eighth mystery consists of seven “GLORY BE’S”


  1. The Incarnation and birth of Jesus

intention: let us pray for peace!

  1. Jesus helps and gives everything for the poor, the weak, the outcast, the weary, the sick, the sinner!

intention: let us pray for the Holy Father Pope and for the bishops.

let us pray for social justice!

  1. Jesus trusted in His Father completely and carried out God’s Will.

intention: let us pray for priests, deacons, and all those who are called to serve God in a special way!

  1. Jesus knew He was going to give His Life for us and did so freely, for He loves us. He gave us the Eucharist at the Last Supper to remind us of this love.

intention: let us pray for families!

  1. Jesus made His Life a sacrifice for us on the cross.

intention: let us pray that we, too, may be capable of offering our lives for our neighbors!

  1. Jesus conquered Satan by His Resurrection. The victory of Jesus is over death.

intention: let us pray that sin may be eliminated so that Jesus may resurrect in us!

  1. Jesus ascends to heaven.

intention: let us pray that the will of God may be done and fulfilled!

  1. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit.

intention: let us pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all fullness on our families and friends, on the whole church, on all religious communities, on all the baptized, on all people, especially on those who decide the fate of the world; that the Holy Spirit might inspire them good thoughts, good decisions, and may God guide their steps towards peace. (seven “Glory Be’s”)